Logo Clocks

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Free Virtual Sample of your clock.


These notes are general artwork guidelines ONLY.

For specifics, please contact our
Sales Department before developing your own artwork.

Please reference the clock style number when contacting us.


Submit Artwork on CD, email or FTP (pending file size restrictions).

Files can be PC or Mac in the following formats:  Adobe CS5 or lower (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), QuarkXpress 5.0.

EPS, PDF, TIFF and JPEG are also acceptable formats produced from the above mentioned programs.

Graphics/Logos, etc. should be in vector/line-art form.

ALL Rasterized artwork should be submitted at 300 DPI, 100% to scale using CMYK color format.
EVERYTHING submitted in RGB format will be converted to CMYK and colors WILL change.

All JPG, JPEG and non-vector artwork should be provided in a high-resolution format with a print width greater than the face of the clock. We cannot increase the size of your artwork. We can only decrease the size. Please make sure your artwork is at least 300 dpi. and has the correct print size.

We prefer .eps files.
Text should be converted to paths to insure proper opening.
Also include Pantone information for all artwork that requires Pantone color matching.

If electronic artwork is not available, camera-ready artwork is acceptable.
Additional charges may apply for non-electronic artwork.


FREE Virtual Proofs
are provided based upon your specifications. We will provide a Virtual Proof (usually within 24 hours) of your clock design. You can make changes to the design as needed. We will continue to provide a Virtual Proof until you are satisfied.  Please try to submit your complete specifications with your first request.


We do have artwork templates for some of our clocks. Please ask your salesperson if you need a template. Templates are not necessary for us to align your artwork.  If you send us your artwork, we can create a virtual proof to show you how your logo will look on the clock. Your artwork can be "full bleed" which means the artwork extends to the boundary of the clock face. The artwork must be created in high-resolution with a printable area larger than the clock face. We cannot convert low-resolution artwork to high-resolution.

12" Personalized wall clocks.